Vegetable producers from the region of the southwestern Bulgaria’s towns Sandanski and Petrich protest against the low purchase prices of tomatoes which are grown under glass. The price of vegetables is lower than last year. As a reason, they indicate the import of tomatoes from Greece and Macedonia.Farmers want intervention from the state. They insist on higher subsidies for domestic production, limiting imports and securing their place in large retail chains.Manufacturers have signaled that only for a week the price of vegetables has fallen dramatically – the tomato has fallen by 1 lev, BNT reported.Imports kill the agriculture and the farmers in the country. If that goes on, we die, people in the industry complained. According to them, the price of the tomato currently varies between 0,90-1 leva.Vegetables producers are categorical that imported vegetables undercut the price and the consumer is always deceived. They insist on equalizing the support with European countries. They also insisted on the sale of 50% of Bulgarian goods all year round in the large supermarket chains.