March 16 promises a predominantly sunny day with some clouds looming over mountainous regions and the eastern parts. Rain showers can be expected in select areas post-noon, with temperatures ranging between 12°C and 17°C, averaging around 14°C in Sofia.

Along the Black Sea coast, a mostly sunny disposition awaits, although clouds may gather in certain locales by afternoon, accompanied by light rain in the south. A gentle south-southeasterly breeze is anticipated later in the day, with temperatures ranging from 9°C to 12°C. Seawater temperature is expected to hover between 8°C and 9°C, while the sea swell will be 1 point on the Beaufort scale.

In the mountains, a considerable amount of cloud cover is anticipated, with fog likely to shroud the peaks before noon. Light rainfall is forecasted post-noon, with snowfall expected above elevations of 1,800-2,000 meters. Moderate west-northwesterly winds will prevail, with temperatures reaching around 7°C at 1,200 meters and approximately 0°C at 2,000 meters.

Looking ahead to March 17, we can anticipate considerable cloud cover, particularly over western regions, with brief periods of rainfall. A light northwesterly breeze is expected post-noon, intensifying to moderate levels in southwestern Bulgaria later in the day.