Some online gaming sites are like casinos, but they offer bingo. For example, you will find the usual casino games on sites like Vulkan Bet. On bingo sites, you will find all sorts of bingo games and variations.

In this article, we will give you more insights as to how these games work. In the end, you should be able to decide if you want to try bingo games for a change.What Is Bingo?Bingo is a game like a lottery. Here, you will buy cards that have numbers under five columns. Each column has a letter: B-I-N-G-O.The facilitator would draw balls and call them out. If that number is on your card, you mark that number. The game goes on, and you win a prize if you are lucky enough to make patterns that are considered a win — at this point, you typically yell “bingo!” if you are in a physical gaming area.Online, the rules are the same. However, online bingo has more to offer because you have a choice to play against a machine. There are also live variations of this game, but you have to attend the draws on schedule.Types of Bingo GamesThere are several types of bingo games, in the same way, you can find several types of roulette or blackjack games. The most common variant is the one that has 75 balls. Some variants have 80 and 90 balls.Here are some more variants of this game:

  • U-Pick Them – in this variant, you can choose the numbers that appear on your card. When you buy the tickets, the cards have empty slots. You fill these slots with numbers according to stipulated rules.Bonanza – this variant only has 43 numbers. To win, you must have at least 25 of these numbers on your card, and only on a single card, not a combination of all cards.Stallion Race – this one only allows 15 players to join. The goal is for the player to have five numbers marked on the first column of the card.

  • The most common variant you will find online is the basic bingo. The common variant allows you to play at any given time. Bonanza and stallion races normally happen only by schedule. If you sign up for these online events, make sure you attend on timeor you will lose your reservation.Bingo Winning PatternsLike slot machines, there are specific patterns that make up a winning combination. However, unlike slots, bingo-winning patterns can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, etc. Below are some of the most common patterns.Single LineYou must mark five consecutive numbers in a row. You can do this in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal way. What matters is that the line is straight. In bingo, this is the most common pattern.Two LinesIn this winning pattern, you must form two lines on two separate columns. These line formations must be on the same card. Like the previous one, you can do this horizontally vertically, or diagonally.Full HouseIn this winning pattern, you must be able to mark all the numbers on the same card. Since this is difficult to do, the prize for this pattern is also higher.Four CornersThe only requirement for this combo is that you mark the four corners of your card. You have to act quickly, as in most bingo games, the first player who announces this is the one who wins. Luckily, many online bingo games do not require you to mark your cards manually — the system will do it for you.X PatternFor this pattern, you must mark your cards to form an X pattern. As such, you have to mark the corners and two diagonal lines, too. This pattern is one of the most difficult to mark.Finally, here is also the Top, Middle, and Bottom pattern. Here, you must mark three horizontal lines that are not on top of each other. What this means is that you must mark off the top horizontal line, the idle one, and then the bottom line.There are more patterns to these, but it is best that you learn them as you play. After all, not all bingo games offer the same winning combinations.Final ThoughtsThere is no doubt that bingo is an exciting game. They work like a lottery, and the players always have this thrill of anticipation — they must wait and see if their numbers are drawn. One of the best things you can do is to practice how to play bingo. Many online gaming sites offer these games in demo versions.One last thing: bingo is a game of chance, like slot machines. There are no strategies that you can apply, but it is always best to buy several cards to get more chances to win.