The airline celebrated the occasion at Sofia Airport and presented a ticket voucher to a passenger on the flight from Malaga to Sofia

Wizz Air, the fastest growing airline in Europe and the most environmentally sustainable in the world*, has achieved significant success – 25 million Bulgarians have chosen to travel with the airline since the beginning of its operations in the country. This achievement is further proof of the airline’s commitment to providing its customers with affordable, comfortable and high-quality travel options. Wizz Air celebrated the event with partners from Sofia Airport and with its passengers during a flight from Malaga to Sofia on August 23, presenting one of the passengers with a ticket voucher.

With this special gesture, Wizz Air expressed its gratitude to customers for their loyalty. The winning 25-year-old passenger on board the Wizz Air plane received a ticket voucher from Wizz Air as a token of appreciation from the airline for their continued trust and was not chosen by chance – because of the symbolism of the numbers.

The airline is committed to its mission of connecting people, cultures and destinations across Europe, making air travel accessible to all. The impressive figure of 25 million passengers in Bulgaria is proof of the customers’ trust in Wizz Air and its strong presence in the region.

Wizz Air’s first Bulgarian flight took off from Sofia in September 2005, and since then the airline has been continuously expanding its network of low-cost routes for Bulgarian passengers. Wizz Air offers a total of 60 routes to over 20 countries, providing affordable flights between Bulgaria and the rest of Europe and beyond for both business and leisure travel. The airline has Airbus A320 aircraft, which are based in Sofia and Varna. Wizz Air has nearly 400 employees in Bulgaria, whose dedication and professionalism play a key role in the airline’s growth in the country.

“This achievement is a source of pride for all of us at Wizz Air. We are honored to have served 25 million Bulgarian passengers and to be part of their journeys and experiences” – commented Tamara Nikiforova, corporate communications manager at Wizz Air. “From the first flight from Sofia to Budapest, through the first base in Sofia in 2006 ., to operating 60 routes from Bulgaria today, we are thrilled to celebrate this milestone with our passengers and look forward to many more shared journeys ahead.”

The Wizz Air team celebrated this achievement with the support of Sofia Airport, a long-standing partner of the airline. “25 million passengers may seem like a statistical number at first glance, but it is compared to the countless memories, aspirations and stories of passengers who have chosen Wizz Air as their preferred mode of travel. The excellent cooperation between Sofia Airport and Wizz Air contributed to this achievement, as well as to the growth and development of the aviation industry in Bulgaria,” commented Dimitar Bikov, Chief Marketing and Business Development Director of SOF Connect, operator of Sofia Airport.