By the end of June, 32  video cameras will be installed in the vegetable sector in the Women’s Market.

This will significantly improve the security of both traders and customers in the market”, says the CEO of Vazrazhdane Market EAD Dragomir Dimitrov.

Expectations are that the Women’s Market will become the safest territory in the capital, thanks to the modern video surveillance and the lighting in the shopping area and alleys.

Around BGN 100 000 was invested in the large-scale repair of the areas and the video surveillance of the Women’s Market. 181 commercial tables have been repaired, the tents and the mechanisms are being replaced, the flooring has been replaced.

The marketplace is equipped with LED lighting, which is already on the alleys. Some of the garbage containers have been replaced. The gardens are landscaped, Mr. Dimitrov notes.

Every Thursday in the Women’s Market there are organic meat products. All this is aimed at creating good working conditions for all traders. It is not accidental that the employment of commercial masses in the Women’s Market is permanently high. New Bulgarian manufacturers are constantly joining.

Female market has 60,000 visitors per day, of which 500 are tourists. Lastly, the market is an extremely attractive tourist destination.

It is expected that a mobile application will be launched soon, allowing a virtual tour of the market. It will provide the necessary up-to-date information on the retail outlets, the restaurant and the café on the market.