15% growth in sales of new cars in Bulgaria for the first five months of the year, according to the data of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers in Europe (ACEA).

In the period January – May, 13,450 new passenger cars were bought. On average for EU countries, the growth in sales is 18%. According to the data for the period in Bulgaria, the growth in purchases of new electric cars was 121%, but formed by only 725 transactions.

Purchases of plug-in hybrids jump by 95.5%. For comparison – in the EU, the demand for electric cars is higher by 50.5%, while for plug-in hybrids it falls by 3.3.

However, on average for EU countries, the share of electric cars in total sales reaches 13.8%, or 4 percentage points more than in May 2022. In Bulgaria, electric cars have a share of 5.4%.