Daniel Laurer will be one of the two candidates for Bulgaria’s European Commissioner. The decision of Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov is for GERB-SDS to nominate a candidate as well.

So far, the coalition has not commented on who they will nominate. It is possible that they nominate Eva Maidel.

Daniel Laurer stressed that WCC-DB has no worries about whether a woman will be elected as a Bulgarian European Commissioner. “Gender equality is extremely important. This has been a fact for a long time. In our country, women are very vividly represented”, he added.

Vice President Iliana Yotova also commented.

“From the first official visit of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Gabriel to the European Commission, the most important news is missing – what portfolio will the new Bulgarian commissioner receive? Once again, arguments are starting about who will fill the post, but there is no word on what that post will be. Why did our foreign minister actually go? What contracts? Or, as is usually the case, we look for the man’s job, not the man for the job. I have always thought that the decision about the portfolio of the Bulgarian commissioner cannot be made ‘in the dark’, without a discussion between all institutions, regardless of the fact that the proposal must be given by only one. The short period remaining until the end of the Commission’s mandate cannot be an excuse either. Especially now – in the conditions of crisis and war in Europe. Right now we need to be active as a country that knows what its role is on the European political scene,” she wrote on Facebook.