For the most part, Bitcoin is used either as a storage of value or as an investment (most people believe it has enormous potential for long-term growth). But did you know there are several ways to increase your Bitcoin holdings other than sitting on your investment and hoping it grows?

Today, we will be looking at 3 of them, with each catering to different tastes as far as one’s risk tolerance is concerned:

1. Bitcoin casinos

In the past, you had to make a deposit through traditional means such as wire transfers if you wanted to take part. But the rise of and similar websites is an indicator of Bitcoin’s growing acceptance of Bitcoin as a means of payment. This should be of interest to you for multiple reasons, the first of which is protecting your privacy. While a traditional online casino might ask you to submit your ID to prevent underage gambling and fraud, this is not the case with Bitcoin casinos. Another advantage is that, unlike wire transfers, Bitcoin transactions can arrive within minutes, thus letting you in on the action without having to jump through hoops.

When playing, it’s recommended to pick the type of games that give the player the highest edge possible while minimizing the house edge. Hint: blackjack, craps, and baccarat are all great options in this regard. To stand the highest chances of winning, always place a wager with the rational part of your brain and avoid making decisions based on a momentary surge of emotions you may be experiencing. In other words, stick to a system while taking advantage of any bonuses the casino might throw your way. This will allow you to expand your bankroll rather than blowing it within seconds.

2. Bitcoin trading

Cryptocurrency trading, also referred to as day trading, is a suitable fit for those who can spot an opportunity from miles ahead. If you have some kind of reason to believe that a certain cryptocurrency will go either up or down, you’ll be well positioned to get your money in when it counts and get it out if things are headed for a downfall. The bad news is, there are no guarantees. The good news, however, is that you don’t need to make all the right guesses; only the majority of them.

One thing to be very careful about when trading is to always take the historical performance of a coin into account. Although this isn’t the only market indicator to take into consideration, it’s a very reliable piece of information to utilize to your advantage. In an ideal scenario, a skilled trader will enter a trade when the entry point is low and exit when the value rises, thus locking the profits in place.

3. Bitcoin lending

If you want to stop and ask yourself how a no-name lender such as yourself can ever hope to compete with banks and larger financial institutions, hold that thought for a bit. The problem with traditional money lending institutions is that they often have a long list of requirements before willing to do business with someone, many people are unable to meet them due to a plethora of reasons.

With Bitcoin lending, however, there are no middle men; only you and the interested party. The deal involves you lending your Bitcoin in exchange for being paid back in a predetermined timespan while earning some nice interest percentages for yourself. Some people earn a whopping 25% interest lending out their crypto coins. To make sure that both interested parties fulfill their end of the bargain, there are multiple platforms for Bitcoin lending all over the internet.