66% fewer flights in 2020. This will be reported by the International Air Transport Association, after entering the last quarter, flights are still few and carriers’ hopes for lower losses have not materialized.

“There was no Tourism, we know – in March, April, May. There we are talking about declines in flights of about 90%, which has never been the case before. Then in the summer they started to recover, but in reality charter flights reported extremely low declines, low-cost routes – declines, scheduled airlines – declines “, explained Konstantin Zankov from the Institute for Analysis and Evaluation in Tourism.

Even in the most holiday month of August, the number of passengers using air transport was 75% less than in the same month of the previous year. The huge losses have brought a number of airlines to the brink of bankruptcy, according to the Institute for Analysis and Evaluation in Tourism, and have changed the behavior of passengers, which also creates a problem.