The “Rojen” ship of the Bulgarian Sea Fleet (BSF), which was blocked for more than five months in the Ukrainian port of Chornomorsk, near Odesa, after the start of the war in Ukraine, unloads cargo in the Israeli port of Ashdod.

There is no danger for the 19-member crew, the shipping company said.

“Rojen” is owned by the BSF, but sails under the Maltese flag. After the beginning of the so-called “grain deal” last summer, it was one of the first ships to leave the Russian-blocked Ukrainian ports in early August 2022.

The port of Ashdod has a security level of 1, which means the lowest threat. To date, there are about 20 vessels in various stages of loading and unloading, according to the Global Maritime Traffic Network.

There is no shelling or rocket fire in the Ashdod area. In addition, the port, which is key to Israel, is protected by an anti-missile system.

“Rojen” will stay in Ashdod for a few more days.