Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov stated that the ultimatum that Israel gave to “Hamas” for one million inhabitants of the Gaza Strip to leave the northern part by Saturday, may lead to a wave of refugees, but there is no immediate danger for Bulgaria:

“If there is a wave of refugees, it will first be directed to other countries, in other directions, not even in the direction of Bulgaria. Also, possible obstacles regarding the transport of oil could affect the price of oil and gas, but for example yesterday the price of oil went down, it didn’t go up, so we have to see how the situation develops. No one can predict exactly what will happen at the moment. We are assessing the risks. I say again, all the measures that should be taken today, are already taken”.

In front of journalists in Plovdiv, the Prime Minister also emphasized that the purpose of the security council to the Council of Ministers, which will be convened next week, is to hear the reports of the security services, to compare the information and, if necessary, to take additional measures. He assured that if there is a group of Bulgarians wishing to leave Israel, a flight will be provided at the first safe moment: