“297,000 Ukrainian citizens have entered Bulgaria, about 100,000 people are still on Bulgarian territory,” Mariana Tosheva, chairwoman of the State Agency for Refugees, told BNT.

According to her, this is a completely normal ratio compared to other European countries. The last ten days have seen a trend of entry and exit in Ukraine.

“It is difficult to predict a new wave of refugees, but it is possible. I think we have reached the peak of refugees. Most Ukrainian refugees are on the Black Sea coast – not only accommodated in hotels under the state program but also those who have found shelter. “, she said.

About 40% of the hotels surveyed by interviewers remain in the state program. 12,000 people remain on the program, Tosheva added.

It became clear from her words that the program is being detailed, as it will most likely go through the Employment Agency, and the amount of rent assistance will go through the employers. Hoteliers are also ready to hire staff under employment contracts.

“The logistics of transporting about 30,000 refugees are complex. The Ministry of Transport has made a commitment with additional carriages of trains from Varna and Burgas to various stations in the country,” the SAR chairwoman said.

According to Tosheva, BGN 15 per person without VAT is an amount almost equal to the cost for the hoteliers themselves, but seeing the need for refugees, they have stated that they will continue to participate in the program. In addition, jobs are being actively sought for hotel refugees.

“The accommodation bases have been checked and meet the conditions,” Tosheva stressed. Those for BGN 15 per day must also offer meals three times a day. There is also the possibility of accommodations without food.