The Directorate “Education” of the Capital Municipality announced today new vacancies for admission in two kindergartens in Sofia – kindergarten 131 in the “Triaditsa” district and 122 in the “Lyulin” district. Their total number is 450.

Parents will see the available places in the Kindergarten Information System on January 3 and will have the opportunity until January 13 to make applications, informed Maria Mincheva – director of the Education Directorate.

“The ranking will take place at 17:00 on January 13. After that, parents will have a two-week deadline to go to the kindergarten location and enroll their children.

In the kindergarten in ‘Triaditsa’ there are eight groups with about 200 places, and the kindergarten in ‘Lyulin’ is for 10 groups, there will be approximately 250 places.”

Mincheva said that the completion of two more kindergartens is expected – in “Poduyane” and in “Vitosha”.

In addition to these two kindergartens, there are also two stand-alone nurseries that are also scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.