In the latest Eurostat data disclosed on Thursday, it’s been unveiled that a significant 85% of Bulgarians resided in households owning their homes in the year 2022, marking a slight increase from the preceding year’s 84.9%.

This statistic presents an intriguing aspect of the housing landscape in the country. The survey highlights that Bulgaria joins the league of several Eastern European nations showcasing robust rates of home ownership. Romania stands out at the top, recording an impressive 95% of its population residing in household-owned homes.

This trend is followed by Slovakia (93%), Croatia (91%), Hungary (90%), Lithuania (88.6%), and Poland (87.4%), according to Eurostat’s findings. Conversely, Germany emerges as a distinct outlier in the EU, with the majority of its population—53%—preferring to rent accommodation.

The European Union as a whole reveals a different homeownership landscape, with 69% of its population living in households owning their homes, while the remaining 31% opt for rented housing, as per Eurostat’s comprehensive analysis. This Eurostat data sheds light on the diversified housing preferences across the European landscape, emphasizing the varying trends in homeownership and rental habits among different nations.