Bulgaria Air starts operating 10 new regular passenger flights to some of the most attractive cities in Europe and Asia in 2021. While other airlines report further flight cuts, the national air carrier will surprise its customers with new direct flights to Dubai, Corfu, Rhodes, Crete, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Kiev, as well as many other top destinations.

Tickets for them are already on sale and can be booked, and the airlines will start performing flights as early as the spring. Three exclusive flights are planned for Dubai during the May holidays – on April 30, May 5 and May 10, and regular flights to this destination will run from September 30 with two flights per week – every Thursday and Sunday with a convenient timetable and the possibility of a round-trip connection with departure from Varna. At the end of April, Air Bulgaria launches the first regular direct flights to Budapest and Kiev, and for the holidays from 21 May it opens new Greek destinations – Thessaloniki, the islands of Crete and Rhodes. On June 11, the first direct flight of Bulgaria Air to the magnificent Ionian island of Corfu is due to take place.

Pleasant surprises will continue throughout the year with more good news and new flights to even more attractive destinations. The airline has restored its regular routes between Sofia and St. Petersburg and between Sofia and Valencia for the summer  season2021, and tickets for them are also already on sale. Very soon Bulgaria Air will announce the start date for another new regular line to Tenerife, as well as many other exotic places that until now we could only reach by charter flights.

In line with its mission to ensure comfortable and secure travel, all flights of the national carrier are performed according to the highest hygiene requirements in the interest of the wellbeing and health of all passengers and after thorough disinfection with certified detergents  and UV machine, which the The Time magazine defines as one of the most innovative inventions for 2020.

Air quality on board is ensured by special HEPA filtering systems that provide constant circulation of heat-treated air at up to 200 degrees, reducing to minimum the possible spread of any airborne infection.