Bulgaria and Türkiye are taking decisive steps to enhance their partnership, as the two nations establish an expert group focused on energy and climate. This significant development was announced by Bulgaria’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mariya Gabriel, following discussions with Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hakan Fidan, who is on an official visit to Sofia.

Minister Gabriel emphasized Bulgaria’s unwavering support for Türkiye’s European aspirations, underscoring the country’s crucial role in facilitating transport and energy projects due to its strategic geographic location. In response, Minister Hakan Fidan praised Bulgaria as a reliable and powerful ally to Türkiye, highlighting the strategic importance of their collaboration.

Trade relations between Bulgaria and Türkiye were a focal point of the discussions, with Minister Fidan noting that the current trade volume exceeds USD 7 billion. Ambitious targets were set to surpass the USD 10 billion mark. Minister Fidan highlighted Bulgaria’s pivotal role as a transit route for almost all of Türkiye’s imports to Europe and emphasized that the primary route for Turkish citizens residing in Europe traverses Bulgaria.

An additional dimension to the bilateral relations is the ethnic Turkish population in Bulgaria, deemed crucial by Minister Fidan. This population plays a significant role in fostering stronger ties and understanding between the two countries.

To oversee the collaboration on energy and climate matters, both nations have decided to establish an expert group, an initiative that underscores their commitment to addressing pressing global challenges together. The collaboration holds promise for fostering sustainable development, promoting green initiatives, and contributing to regional stability.