As a result of the implementation of energy saving measures in all sectors of the economy, as well as the contribution of all taxpayers, for the period 2014-2019 in Bulgaria 7,295.2 GWh of energy were saved.

Thus, the country has fulfilled 87.6% of its national target for energy savings by 2020. This is recorded in the annual report on the implementation in 2019 of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency 2014-2020, approved by the Council of Ministers at today’s meeting. .

The report contains basic statistical information, analyzes of the state and trends of energy efficiency at the national level in 2018 – the last year for which there are official statistics.

The individual sectors of the economy are considered, reflecting the changes in the main indicators – gross value added, energy consumption and energy intensity. The annual report analyzes the implementation of the individual energy savings targets of owners of buildings and industrial systems, as well as the implementation of measures to increase energy efficiency by energy traders.