New COVID measures will become a reality on September 7, and businesses are already tightening their ranks for mass protests across the country. The gyms will operate at a capacity of 30%.

“I think these measures were in place two years ago. This is a partial lockdown. We cannot afford to work with this capacity without compensation. We will protest because we want to function”, says Martin Gachev, manager of a gym.

Will the new measures stop tourists for whom the holiday is just starting?

“The measures mostly concern museums. You can walk around Tsarevets without a mask. Physical distance and the concentration of many people will be observed. The emblematic open-air museums will be open and can be visited at any time”, explained Svetla Yordanova.

Businesses at the sea don’t want to part ways with the summer, will the industry have to end the season prematurely because of the new measures?

“I think there will be a serious outflow after the introduction of the new measures. There is great uncertainty about the decisions taken. Many Romanian tourists have already canceled their vacations “, says the hotelier Georgi Dimitrov.