“There is no way to overtake Romania in terms of income for a month, simply because there is some difference in inflation. Romania’s gross domestic product is about 20% more than ours. This was stated in the studio of “Hello, Bulgaria” by the financier Lyubomir Datsov.

“There is no record inflation. 2006, 2007, and 2008 are the years with the highest inflation – about 10%. Then it was because of the very high growth. The sources of this process are different and the damage is different,” Datsov explained.

“The current origin of inflation is external because it comes from problems that are not in the country. Unfortunately, this time it will last longer – 6-7 months”, added Datsov.

“We are in a very delicate situation. We have inflation generated by supply, not demand. It is more difficult to react to it “, added the economist Vladimir Sirkarov.