The Bulgarian position is against the division of Albania and the Republic of Northern Macedonia into the EU accession process. This is what the chairman of the external commission in the National Assembly, Gemma Grozdanova, commented at the forum “Strengthening the Capacity and Deepening Cooperation for the Integration of the Western Balkans in a Competitive Social Europe” at the headquarters of the The Confederation of Labour ‘Podkrepa”.

She recalled that the Dutch parliament voted against the start of Albania’s EU membership talks, but rejected such a resolution referring to Northern Macedonia.

This issue is difficult because the problem areas in the two countries are quite different, there will be states which are against –  the Netherlands and France”, said Grozdanova. 

During the forum, Grozdanova stressed that Bulgaria has done much to enable the Western Balkan countries to continue their European integration. She stressed that the EU has a huge role to play in guaranteeing the rights of working people.

Gemma Grozdanova cites data suggesting that only 7 percent of the world’s population lives in the EU, but 22 percent of the world’s GDP is generated, and member states account for 40 percent of global social spending. According to Grozdanova, these statistics give grounds to claim that the EU is a global player on the world stage.

She noted that interesting research shows that eight out of ten Europeans believe that unemployment and social inequalities are among the EU’s major challenges.

All participants in the forum underlined Bulgaria’s important role in enabling the Western Balkans to continue their European integration.