Recent data unveiled by Eurostat paints a revealing picture of Bulgaria’s position in the European Union concerning the adoption of cloud computing services. The report, released on Friday, indicates that Bulgaria stands third to last in the EU hierarchy in terms of companies procuring cloud computing services in 2023.

While the EU average demonstrates a notable surge in companies availing cloud services, reaching 45.2% in 2023—an increase of 4.2% from 2021—Bulgaria reported a significantly lower adoption rate. Merely 17.5% of companies in Bulgaria purchased cloud computing services during the same period.

The statistics position Greece at the lowest rank with 23.6%, followed closely by Romania with 18.4%.

In stark contrast, leading the charge in embracing various cloud services were Finland, boasting an impressive 78.3% adoption rate, followed closely by Sweden (71.6%), Denmark (69.5%), and Malta (66.7%).

Bulgaria’s comparatively lower adoption rate underscores the need for a greater push towards embracing cloud computing services, aligning with the progressive trends witnessed across other EU member states.