In a firm statement, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov dismissed the prospect of peace talks with Ukraine on terms set by Kyiv, citing the impossibility of negotiations under such conditions. Peskov’s remarks were in response to comments from official Washington, where he labeled the White House’s expectations for 2024 negotiations as “absolutely unrealistic.”

Peskov went further, accusing the United States of benefiting from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and intentionally prolonging it. He highlighted the American role in replacing some of Russia’s gas supplies to Europe, indicating a strategic interest in the war.

“Americans prioritize their own interests; Ukrainians are not their primary concern,” Peskov asserted. He emphasized that American self-interest often takes precedence, even if it results in the sacrifice of numerous Ukrainian lives.

The Kremlin’s spokesperson painted a picture of American pragmatism, attributing their motives to self-preservation and implying that the US is leveraging the Ukraine conflict for its own gains.

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