Bulgarian electric mini-truck? This is no longer a dream, but a reality, assembled with components developed and manufactured in this country. The first Bulgarian electric mini truck has been officially presented in Sofia. One of the innovations is the use of photo-voltaic panels in the body, which allow charging the battery up to 20% in sunny weather. Only with the help of solar power, the car can travel up to 50 kilometers per day. A curious fact is that the vehicle can be driven even via a smartphone. This vehicle is fully suited to urban conditions. It has two seats and its maximum distance per single battery charge is 250 kilometers, while the maximum speed is up to 80 km/h. The innovative truck was shown last year at the Geneva International Motor Show.

The vehicle was developed by the company of Bulgarian entrepreneur Rosen Daskalov. Established in 2012, it has been known for the production of sports cars, but now focuses on other prototypes, such as the electric van, an electric car for educational purposes, which can be driven by children, buses, and more.

Due to problems caused by the pandemic and the strict restrictions in the production of diesel cars in Germany, the manufacturer has been considering moving their assembly and distribution there. According to Daskalov, the car giants are currently releasing many engineers and other experts in the field of the automotive industry and this could be beneficial for the Bulgarian company. The entrepreneur’s plans for the production of the mini-truck are reaching a level of 20,000 units per year in the next 5 years.