By 2023, the title owner of an already sold car will be able to request a certificate from the Traffic Police that the property has been transferred.

Bulgarian Deputies finally passed amendments to the Roads Act, which aim to protect used car sellers from being charged with crimes committed by the new owner, who did not transfer the car to his name.

According to the new provisions, an owner who transferred his car by December 27, 2017, but the buyer did not register the car in his name within the statutory period, will be able to submit a copy of the sale document to the Traffic Police by the end of 2023.

Thus he will certify that the property is no longer his. The correction in the law was made due to unscrupulous buyers who do not register the acquired vehicle and it continues to be registered as the property of the seller, BNR clarifies.

The initiative for changes belongs to the Bulgarian ombudsman Diana Kovacheva.

After 2017, upon submission of the document, the registration of the vehicle is terminated ex officio, and in the automated information system of the Traffic Police Department, data on the buyer, number and date of the document for transfer of ownership are entered.

The Traffic Police shall issue a certificate containing information on the date of the transfer and the date of the official termination of the registration.

The new provisions for the term will also apply when the ownership of the car is transferred to a person who is not a Bulgarian citizen, or the contract is concluded outside the territory of Bulgaria.