All roads on the territory of the Stara Zagora region are now open to traffic, reports the press center of the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Traffic through the Trakia highway has been restored, as well as along road II-55 through “Prohoda na Republikata” and along road I-6 Sliven – Kazanlak in the Gurkovo region, BTA reported.

Traffic junctions in the Stara Zagora region were blocked by the protesting miners and energy workers for 14 days.

The trade union leader from “Podkrepa” at TPP “Maritsa-Iztok 2” Biser Binev explained that the protesters are withdrawing from the highways and roads in order not to disturb the drivers, but they will continue with follow-up actions that they think can achieve their requests.

Yesterday, Binev announced that starting Monday, a petition will be launched, through which more than 50 percent of the workers will declare an effective strike at TPP “Maritsa-Iztok 2” and “Mini Maritsa-iztok”.