In connection with the frequent cases of the use of hate speech, including calls for radical actions based on religious and ethnic grounds such as radical Islam spread on social networks, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria states that it will be uncompromising in exercising its powers to ensure public order and security and to protect the rights and freedoms of Bulgarian citizens.

In this regard, the prosecutor’s office reminds that any call for radical actions and violence and the holding of unregulated events is contrary to the Constitution and laws of Bulgaria.

Upon establishing data on criminal acts of this nature, the prosecutor’s office will apply the law with all its rigor.

The local government bodies, together with the Ministry of the Interior, according to the Law on Assemblies, Rallies and Manifestations, should not allow the holding of mass events that would give rise to calls for violence, radical actions, as well as those justifying the commission of terrorist acts and war crimes, the message also says.

This warning comes amid the crisis in Israel and Gaza, and the recent terror attacks by the Hamas militant group. Many gatherings and marches in support of Palestine, and in some cases of Hamas, have been reported around the world, including in Western countries.