Today marked a significant milestone for Bulgaria’s healthcare as the Minister of Health, Hristo Hinkov, officially presented the nation’s inaugural medical helicopter. The unveiling ceremony highlighted eight months of dedicated efforts to ensure equitable access to emergency medical care across the country. The aircraft, part of a planned fleet of six, is expected to play a crucial role in elevating the quality of emergency aid and response capabilities.Minister Hinkov expressed pride in the achievements of his team, emphasizing the pivotal role the medical helicopter will play in elevating the quality of emergency aid. The aircraft, part of a fleet of six, is equipped with modern technologies and will be operated by professionally trained pilots, medical teams, and operators. This collective effort aims to efficiently coordinate the transportation of patients, equipment, blood, organs, and medications, ushering in a new era for Bulgaria’s emergency response system.The deployment of specially trained teams onboard the medical helicopter is expected to provide modern and qualified care to individuals in life-threatening conditions. Minister Hinkov highlighted the anticipated reduction in fatalities resulting from road accidents, occupational incidents, and specific diseases requiring emergency assistance within the critical “golden hour.”Acknowledging the collaborative nature of the project, Minister Hinkov extended his gratitude to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Health team, and the entire government for their dedicated efforts. The venture represents a significant step towards fulfilling the vital mission of safeguarding the health of Bulgarian citizens.The medical helicopter is the first of six planned for deployment, with the second scheduled to arrive at the operational base in Dolna Mitropolia by the end of June. The subsequent machines are slated for arrival in December and will continue to be phased in until 2026.Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov personally awarded brevets—certificates of flying ability—to the first six Bulgarian pilots who completed training in Italy. With a total of 36 pilots and 14 engineers expected to operate within the air ambulance system, the medical helicopter is poised to become operational in real rescue missions by the end of February.Dignitaries present at the unveiling ceremony included Sofia Mayor Vasil Terziev, Minister of Transport and Communications Georgi Gvozdeikov, People’s Representative Kiril Petkov, Sofia Regional Governor Vyara Todeva, Dimcho Dobrev (executive director of “Bulgaria Heli Med Service”), Italian Ambassador Giuseppina Dzara, representatives from the European Commission, and other officials.