Bulgarian author Zdravka Evtimova received the newly established award 2023 Dr. T. O’Conor Sloane Prize in Speculative Fiction, which bears the name of T. O’Conor Sloane, Ph.D., the editor of Scientific American.“The award acknowledges Zdravka Evtimova’s significant and enduring contribution to the field of speculative fiction through her unique creative vision and voice, inspiring originality, and acclaimed works that have received international recognition“, reads the text on the certificate accompanying the literary award.Starship Sloane Publishing Company, Inc. shares on their website that they are a small, independent, traditional publishing company making a mark in the literary market, and the company motto says it: „Exploring the Literary Cosmos“.In addition to the award for “Best Author”, Zdravka Evtimova was honored with certificates for her novel “He May Wear My Silence”. The book received the highest vote in the categories for best science fiction and fantasy, as well as best magical realism, in the 26th annual Critters readers’ poll. Additionally, the novel won best book cover art for “Storm Coming” by Bob Eggleton.The novel “He May Wear My Silence” was published in the United States by Starship Sloane Publishing.After Zdravka Evtimova’s short story „For Dimitar – the Poet“ received the highest number of votes in the “Stories with Science Fiction Elements” category during last year’s poll on the Critters platform in January 2023, the publishing house Starship Sloane invited her to present her speculative fiction novel.