Bad and restructured loans increased by BGN 178 million, or 3.75% in January compared to the previous month, according to BNB data.

These loans are already BGN 4.94 billion and they are already 8% of all credits.

The publication in “Capital” points out that the deterioration is due to corporate and consumer loans, while the share of mortgages continues to decline. In addition in the coming months these loans will continue to grow after the credit moratorium for more and more bank customers expires.

At the same time, the banks ended the month with a profit of BGN 80 million.

In January, lending grew by BGN 310 million, mainly from corporate loans.

The increase in consumer loans compared to December was BGN 49.2 million, and in mortgage loans – BGN 55.1 million – the lowest level since January 2019.

In both segments, the annual growth rate continues to slow.

As of this month, the BNB also published data on loans to employers and the self-employed, including GPs, artists, notaries, etc.

These loans fell by more than BGN 50 million to BGN 365 million.