This conference is a successful policy regarding the utilisation of packaging of plant protection products, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forests Desislava Taneva said at a conference For Clean Agriculture and Safe Environment, Focus News Agency reported.

“I am pleased to welcome you all to this conference. I am delighted with this success and we will look for all opportunities that the common policy will present to us after the debate is over. How to support such policies that are environmentally friendly and the farmers,” said Minister Taneva. In her words, this system, whose results are being presented today, was launched in 2013 with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forests and the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. “Thanks to this system, Bulgaria ranks first in this indicator with 97% utilization of packaging. We are open to how farmers could use it, we need to look for tools in this aspect,” said Taneva, adding that she hoped more farmers would get involved as the ultimate goal is environmentally friendly agriculture.