The crisis in Bulgaria with the flu vaccines is getting worse. The new batch arrived at the pharmacies on Tuesday and was completely run out in literally hours. Some GPs also received fewer vaccines than reported, NOVA reports.

 There are no more vaccines on the free market, confirmed the Association of Pharmacy Owners. In just hours, all quantities received on Tuesday have been redeemed. The reason was the much smaller number of deliveries than the promised 70,000 units. And no new delivery is expected, said pharmacists.

 “I personally do not buy or vaccinate my family or myself. The flu vaccine is a wonderful medicine for people over 65 with concomitant diseases. It helps where the flu can strike hard. It contains several strains that may statistically come to the country.”, commented Dr. Miroslav Nenkov.

“Every vaccine, even the flu vaccine, is planned at a number from the previous years,” he explained why there is a shortage at the moment.

“In previous years, not many sales of this drug have been realized in the country – for one reason or another. That is, there is no logic, when the flu vaccine is planned at the beginning of the year, to provide a large amount, because someone will be scared of the current pandemic and will make such a vaccine completely unnecessary.

Dr. Nenkov strongly disagreed with the popular fears of vaccination.

“Every science, including medicine, is based on evidence. So far, since there are vaccines, there is no definite scientific evidence that they have harmed anyone, “said Dr. Nenkov.