Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism Mariana Nikolova asked beach concessionaires to reduce the rentals price of beach umbrella and sun bed for Summer 2021. Last year the price was reduced by 50% and this was one of the reasons for the good season along the southern Black Sea coast. Then the state reduced the concession fees, which helped them achieve a good mix and offer a quality product at an excellent price.

Nikolova’s idea is that this summer concessionaires and renters will determine for themselves how much they will reduce the beach accessories price, as annual rent will be reduced by the corresponding percentage.

“During the state of emergency last year, the amendments to the Public Health Act allowed for a reduction of the due concession fees by a minimum of 50% provided that the concessionaire reduced the final prices for consumers when renting beach accessories. The ongoing COVID-19 crisis requires similar measures to be put in place for the summer season 2021”, Nikolova said.

She clarified that by 1 June this year, or within 10 days of the entry into force of the respective contract, concessionaires and renters should notify the Minister of Tourism of the reduction of beach accessories price.

Beach owners must also have an additional commercial area of up to 4 per cent of the area of the beach concerned.

“We propose for all concessionaires and renters to set a deadline for payment of their concession fee, respectively their rental price, which is different from that provided for in their contracts – until 31 October 2021”, the Minister commented.

The Deputy Prime Minister was adamant thatshe would seek assistance from Health Ministry on the introduction of anti-epidemic measures for the use of sea beaches during or after the cancellation of the epidemic situation in the country.

During the discussion, the representatives of the industry raised the question of the change in distances between umbrellas, which according to last year’s parameters should have been 20 meters.

“I welcome any sensible and workable solution. The measure is excellent, given the severe global economic situation. I hope that the example of the Ministry of Tourism will be followed by the other responsible institutions. What we need is the opportunity to work in peace and understanding, which will make both us and tourists happy “, said Kraymorier beach concessionaire Nikolay Dimitrov.