The National Investigation Service was removed from the Prosecutor’s Office and became an independent structure with the amendments to the Judiciary Act adopted in the second reading. Henceforth, it will be led by a director. Until now, the head of the office was the Prosecutor General, either directly or through the Director, who is also the Deputy Prosecutor General for Investigations.

The director of the NIS will appoint the investigators and carry out administrative, organizational and methodical management of the structure. No less than three of the members of the High Judicial Council, as well as the Minister of Justice, can propose nominations for the director, the parliament agreed.

District investigative offices are being established at each regional administrative center, and for Sofia – and an investigative office “Sofia-city”.

The proposal to separate the investigation from the prosecution was made by Petar Petrov from “Vazrazhdane” between the first and second reading.

The Legal Committee did not consider it, as it is part of a bill that was rejected at first reading. But still today the majority accepted the proposals to be considered in the plenary hall.