At the time of the “Petkov” cabinet, there were over 50% duplicate registrations of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgarian hotels, and one person was registered in more than one hotel. There have been cases of accommodation of persons over 1.5 times the capacity of a given hotel. People who did not reside in Bulgaria were also “accommodated“.

These data were presented by the Minister of the Interior Ivan Demerdzhiev after a question from Angel Georgiev from “Vazrazhdane” on blitz control regarding the data presented by the Minister of the Interior that the regular cabinet “Petkov” gave money for dead souls among the Ukrainian refugees in the hotels.

On May 30, Demerdzhiev announced that within five months the “Petkov” cabinet had given BGN 150 million to help Ukrainian refugees, compared to BGN 40 million for the same period by the caretaker cabinet.

Demerdzhiev reported that there are over 50% duplicate registrations of Ukrainian refugees in Bulgarian hotels. According to him, the same person was in more than one hotel at the same time. “Sometimes it concerns several hotels of one owner, and refugees who are in three different places under his control,” he explained.

The Ministry of the Interior has taken measures to distinguish refugees from tourists who came to Bulgaria:

“And when that happened – the number of people who should receive protection dropped sharply. I’ll just say that in the first physical check we found approximately 3,000 people less than the 12,000 that should have been there.”

Ivan Demerdzhiev said that it remains to be established whether only hoteliers were involved in these cases and whether there were employees involved at a higher level in these practices.

Angel Georgiev commented that the Bulgarian people were harmed and that these funds could have been given to causes in Bulgaria. “Obviously, there are funds in the budget for corruption,” said Georgiev.

Nastimir Ananiev accused “Vazrazhdane” and Demerdzhiev of coordination

Demerdzhiev said that the data he is announcing the result of the work of two working groups over the past few months. He emphasized that already upon taking office he did everything possible to optimize this process.

“I am not doing anything different than presenting facts, I have always done so, and until now I have no recollection of anyone refuting them,” commented the interior minister.