Vasil Bozhkov is a protected witness in the case against Boyko Borissov, Vladislav Goranov and Sevdelina Arnaudova. This is what Bozhkov himself said at a press conference today.

18 charges have been brought against him in 3 cases. He recently returned home from the United Arab Emirates, where he fled in early 2020. Bozhkov allegedly bribed the GERB leader to get protection for his gambling business.

“They interrogated me twice for 4 hours and then they made me a protected witness, because the state is ruled by the mafia. The mafia is headed by Boyko Borissov. My life and the lives of my loved ones are in great danger.

I can’t say anything about the murder of Alexei Petrov, I hardly knew him.”

That’s what Bozhkov said.

“Delyan Peevski has gained weight again. You interpret it however you want. Delyan Peevski is the status quo. This must change – this means Borissov out of politics, Peevski out of politics,” added the businessman.

On the occasion of the “Magnitsky” sanctions against him, he stated that this is like the USA putting Ukraine under sanctions, since Russia is the aggressor. Bozhkov explained that the “junta” attacked him, and they put him under sanctions. And he added that he was giving information to the USA. However, there is no agreement with the US. In addition, they also advised him not to return to Bulgaria, in his words “they were worried” when he decided to return.

Bozhkov denied having business with Prigozhin, but even if he had before the war, it was not a bad thing. He pointed out that the American companies then also “pushed” themselves to work with Russia, because it is a big market.

“With my political party ‘Bulgarian Summer’ we will not participate in the local elections. There is a huge silent majority in Bulgaria – 60% who do not go out to vote. Borissov has brainwashed them that nothing depends on them. We will turn to these people and we will rely on their support. The Bulgarian must know that everything is in his hands,” said Bozhkov on the occasion of his future participation in politics.

According to him, “We Continue the Change” are the “Komsomol organization” of GERB.

Bozhkov gave a video press conference from the office of “Nove Holding”, where he is under house arrest. In the half-hour briefing, the businessman avoided any specifics by explaining that he had signed declarations to remain silent.

During his stay in Dubai, he was questioned by the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, which was interested in his reports, as well as in the misuse of European funds.

“As you know, I have not worked with European funds, so I had nothing to say to them in this regard,” said Bozhkov.

He also added that while he was in the UAE, he did not meet either Petyo Petrov – “Pepi Evroto”, whom he did not know, or his ex-wife Lubena. He didn’t know if she was in the Emirates.

Towards the end, Bozhkov stated that he no longer intended to engage in business, he had no need for it. In addition to his political ambitions, he wanted to “help Bulgaria“. This he defined as his mission.

The collection of Bulgarian historical antiquities and works of art was, in his words, “stolen, broken and ruined.”