In connection with the commitments made by Bulgaria as the host country in the military area, which will be selected for the future deployment of the multinational NATO battle group, it is planned to build new buildings and facilities in which Bulgarian and allied military formations will be located.

This is the answer of the Minister of Defense Todor Tagarev to a written question of the deputy from “We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria” Miroslav Ivanov, whether permanent establishment of military forces of the alliance is envisaged on the territory of the Yambol region and more specifically in the bases in the village of Bezmer and the village of Kabyle and in what time frame this is expected to happen. According to Ivanov, this topic is used to instill fear and dissatisfaction among the local people, and the goal is to “extract a political dividend”.

According to Tagarev, the most significant benefit of the presence of allied forces on Bulgarian territory is that Bulgarian citizens can feel safer and more protected. The battle group includes, in addition to Bulgarian formations, also from the USA, Greece, Albania, Romania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Turkey. The number of military personnel, armament, combat and auxiliary equipment of the multinational battle group is classified information, the defense minister said in his reply. Some time ago, Tagarev said that it is planned that the battle group will number 5,000 people when it is fully staffed.

He clarifies that in accordance with the regulatory requirements for accommodation, provision, service, conducting field training and exercises with the military personnel of the Bulgarian and allied multinational formations, the construction of domestic buildings, special and auxiliary facilities is planned. It is planned to build a park area for storing and servicing machines.

“With this modernization, better conditions for training and accommodation of military personnel will be provided, which in turn would help to increase the attractiveness of the military profession among young people,” notes Tagarev in his reply to Ivanov.

He assures that the investments in the infrastructure will have a positive effect on the local economy, and this will be done through the employment of local and regional companies in the process of construction, maintenance, procurement, as well as other activities serving the functioning of these formations. This will require the hiring of more people with appropriate qualifications, the creation of additional jobs and the reduction of unemployment. The money supply will also increase, which will indirectly flow into the local and regional economy. In this way, the conditions for business will be improved, which is a prerequisite for economic growth and improvement of living standards, Tagarev points out.

According to him, the deployment of multinational military formations on the territory of Bulgaria, as well as the holding of joint trainings and exercises, will have a positive effect on raising the prestige of the military pr