Bulgarian Ombudsman Diana Kovacheva organized an online meeting with Minister of Education Krasimir Valchev on the challenges in remote learning.

Teachers, parents and representatives of parent organizations ask different questions to Minister Valchev related to online education.

“There are careless parents, but there are also those who, despite the lack of computers, do their best to teach their children. 18,000 PCs were purchased and provided to students for remote learning,” the education minister revealed at the start of the discussion.

The Ministry of Education and Science has started the procedures for the purchase and delivery of nearly 107 000 – 108 000 personal computers for school education, but these activities are delayed, as mainly European funds will be used to this end, which will require longer time.

It is very important to set interesting goals to children, to approach online learning innovatively. Romote learning is not so effective, but in this situation it is compensatory, Valchev added.

Around the world, there is a shortage of PCs given numerous orders. We deliver additional devices every day. Schools need to support each other. One-third of the newly purchased computers will be for teachers, the Minister of Education and Science announced.

The academic year will not be declared “zero”, Krasimir Valchev said. This year we will even save school time – there are no weeks for excursions or flu holidays, the Education Minister added.

The latest topics provided for in the curricula will not be included in the graduation exams, Minister Valchev revealed.