Renowned Bulgarian artist Radoslava Antonova Kostadinova has recently unveiled her latest creation, “Haikus,” a captivating collection of poems that invites readers into a world shaped by nature, seasons, love, and personal experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the essence of life and emotions, “Haikus” encapsulates the beauty and depth of moments, expressed through the brevity and power of the Haiku style. This poetic form encourages the author to convey profound thoughts and sentiments in a few carefully chosen words, where the unspoken holds significant meaning.

Exploring the cyclical nature of existence and the passage of time, Haikus intricately weaves together themes of renewal and progression through the lens of nature’s transformative seasons.

Born in 1977 in Burgas, a city nestled on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Radoslava’s artistic journey commenced in her childhood, driven by a passion for drawing and writing. Armed with a master’s degree in painting, she has exhibited and sold over 190 paintings both domestically and internationally.

Radoslava’s creative prowess extends beyond poetry, as she actively participates in logo design, caricature competitions, and literary contests, earning accolades for her literary contributions in Bulgarian and Spanish collections.

With a diverse repertoire, she delves into various writing genres, crafting articles, advertisements, book reviews, and children’s books, showcasing her multifaceted talents.

Beyond her artistic endeavors, Radoslava has also shared her expertise as a fine arts teacher in educational institutions and private enterprises, leaving an indelible mark in both spheres.

“Haikus” stands as Radoslava’s second published book, offering readers a profound and sensory journey through landscapes, emotions, and nuanced states of mind. With a few words, these poems evoke a world of sensations that aim to captivate the hearts and minds of readers.