Bulgaria’s toll system has taken a significant technological leap, now capable of detecting speeding violations using advanced software. Georgi Temelkov, Director of BG Toll, unveiled that 295 cameras deployed across the nation are now equipped to monitor drivers’ speeds round the clock, marking a pioneering advancement in European toll infrastructure.

Temelkov emphasized that the toll system, acknowledged as one of Europe’s most cutting-edge, has seamlessly integrated with key institutions like the Ministry of Interior, National Customs Agency, and National Revenue Agency. This collaboration ensures continuous oversight and control, bolstering the system’s efficacy.

The transformative update brings an imminent consequence for speed violators, as Temelkov anticipates the commencement of fine issuance within four months. However, this rollout hinges on Parliament’s approval of an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, currently enjoying unanimous support among MPs.

The impending fines mark a major shift in traffic regulation enforcement, signaling a new era of accountability and adherence to speed limits through a technology-driven approach in Bulgaria.