Citizens reported on social networks about a strong smell that spread in several Sofia neighbourhoods.

The Ministry of the Interior informed BTA that it is a substance that is used to mark various products. It is not dangerous for people. The Sofia Municipality announced that it is sending a mobile station to the area of “Iliantsi” Blvd. in order to measure and check the air quality.

A team from the Regional Health Inspection is also on site.

The fire department told the BNR that the smell spread during the destruction of barrels in a company’s workshop in the “Voenna Rampa” district. Because of this, the smell was felt in the “Voenna Ramp”, “Orlandovtsi”, “Banishora” and “Nadezhda” neighbourhoods and spread in the direction of the “Dimitar Petkov” market.

Earlier today, schools in the affected areas released students from classes, BNT informs. The Administration of the Capital Municipality announced that it has set up a mobile air quality control station in the area of “Iliantsi” Blvd. near the railway station “Sofia – Sever”. Teams of the “Emergency Assistance and Prevention” Directorate of the Sofia Municipality and the Sofia Inspectorate were also sent.

The teams detected a mercaptan released into the atmosphere from a private company’s recycling site.