Acting Military Minister Dimitar Stoyanov signed an order prohibiting the use of alcohol, drugs, their analogues or other narcotic substances by military personnel during duty hours.

The order dated yesterday was published on the website of the Ministry of Defense today. It affects military personnel from the Ministry of Defense, the structures directly subordinated to the Minister of Defense and the Bulgarian Army, including during classes, trainings, exercises, missions and operations.

In addition, the sale of alcohol is prohibited in all canteens, buffets or other premises for the sale of products and drinks on the territory of military formations and in the administrative buildings in the administration of defense and the army.

If a violation of the prohibition is established, the serviceman will be removed from military service, and if a serviceman appears in a condition that does not allow him or her to perform their official duties, caused by the use of alcohol and/or drug abuse, they will be punished with a “removal” from service.