“The jump in prices will continue at least until spring. The main driver for this is the high cost of energy. These are at least the forecasts of the IMF, the EC, the World Bank, and the EBRD.” This was stated on Nova TV by the financier Associate Professor Emil Harsev.

According to him, inflation is currently at its peak. “We saw that the movements that were expected – the most unpleasant, actually happened. One of them is the price of oil. We have now reached the price of 2014. If we reach the level of 2006 – 140 dollars per barrel of oil, with the new policy of measures with bio-additives, gasoline can reach BGN 3,” he said.

“Financiers measure inflation by the growth of the consumer price index. I would say that inflation still means lowering the price of people’s money. Whether with the income of the people in Bulgaria they can meet their needs I don’t think so. Experts usually talk about an intensified state income policy. However, I am a little skeptical. However, the state can affect the salaries of civil servants, pensions, and the minimum wage,” said former Minister of Labor and Social Policy Hristina Hristova.