There will be no shock price increase, said on BNT TV the chairman of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets Vladimir Ivanov.

According to the expert, we should expect higher prices for fruits and vegetables in the new 2022.

There was tension from early December to mid-month. At the moment, along with the holidays, the market is calm, which is very interesting, because although this is a moment of increased demand, we are seeing a calm, but this is a consequence of overload, he said.

Only for the last month a very serious rate and growth have been noted, as the most directly affected are the goods directly related to the price of electricity – this is the processing sector, mainly meat processing and milk processing, Ivanov explained.

“We already have a 21-22% difference in cheese compared to last year, with white cheese it’s 25%. Sugar has risen by 20%, which is a consequence of its rise in price on the world market,” Ivanov explained, adding that there is a rise in dry and soft sausages, but not for meat.

According to him, the price of oil has risen by only 10 Bulgarian cents in nominal terms due to the energy crisis.

“The main reason for this pace we are seeing is the crisis in the energy market – especially the electricity market and its instability and unpredictability. At the moment we are enjoying a steady, steady trend. The upward trend is quite weak as a pace, which is due to the highly competitive market – it will be difficult to see shocking changes in prices, we will not even see them,” said Vladimir Ivanov.