“Thanks to vaccination, we are seeing a recovery in the market of 40-45%. More than 10,000 Bulgarian citizens traveled through tour operators to distant destinations, and more than 600,000 Bulgarians traveled inland.” This was stated by the executive director of the National Board of Tourism Polina Karastoyanova.

The Tourism Board has three proposals to the government regarding the consequences of the COVID pandemic.

“We hope to be able to offer campaigns this week that need to be launched at the same time. One is related to an updated package of measures to support business, the second is to have a new scale and intelligent presentation on the international market and the third is related to the vaccination campaign,” said Karastoyanova.

According to her, the Board admires the introduction of incentives for vaccination in the elderly. “We need to expand this approach and have incentives for everyone, but for a campaign to make sense, there must be clear parameters,” she said.

“We appeal to have a green certificate for all Bulgarian citizens for all public activities and services. This means only one thing – to be healthy when communicating with other people. The other thing we insist on is to have vaccination vouchers to be used in the field of tourism,” said the executive director of the National Board of Tourism.

She reminded that in the summer there was an idea to have BGN 50 vouchers for 1 million citizens. “Unfortunately, the caretaker government failed to do so and did not allow this idea to develop. So we lost golden time. Now we propose to increase the element of the incentive, it should be worth BGN 100 and the time for this campaign to work should be shortened so that we can achieve results faster,” said Polina Karastoyanova.