The products of the Zdrave Aktiv (Health Active) brand, produced by Aroma, are one of the most loved by Bulgarian consumers.

Aroma Cosmetics sells over 100 Zdrave Aktiv shampoos every hour. The brand was created 10 years ago to help consumers fight dandruff, hair loss, and other dermatological problems. Today, the series of shampoos has a rich portfolio of 10 different types, each aimed at a different problem of the scalp or hair.

For the last decade, Zdrave Aktiv has managed to establish itself as one of the most beloved Bulgarian hair care brands. The products of the series hold a leading position in sales not only in Bulgaria, but also in other countries of the Balkan Peninsula, despite the strong market competition from a large number of foreign brands. Zdrave Aktiv not only successfully presents itself in competition with the major international concerns, but the brand has built and imposed its distinctive style and character. Each of the Zdrave Aktiv shampoos has its own personal mission in the fight against various problems related to hair and scalp care. One of the best-selling shampoos is Zdrave Aktiv with quinine, which is an effective solution in the fight against hair loss and dandruff. The Zdrave Aktiv shampoo with clay is highly valued by consumers, as it helps against oily scalp with its deep cleansing ingredients.

“At Aroma Cosmetics we work to ensure that Bulgarian products are as high quality and efficient as foreign ones, and why not more. We have always tried to ensure that our innovations are of uncompromising quality, combined with a good price and loyal attitude to our customers. Speaking of quality and reliability, we can happily say that each of the shampoos in the portfolio of Zdrave Aktiv is 100% effective against dandruff. Today we strive to offer better products for our customers and to surprise them with new ones, tailored to their needs and feedback,” said Alexander Trifonov, brand manager at Aroma Cosmetics.

In addition to the hair care series, the Zdrave brand also offers the Zdrave Forte series, Zdrave Acne Stop, Zdrave Bebe Bio – the eco-certified brand at the highest level ORGANIC and of course the universal Zdrave creams. The last series is widely known for the memorable little blue jar, a favorite of generations of Bulgarians. The well-known cream is one of the most emblematic Bulgarian products and can be easily found in every household. The cream is sold at a rate of 4 jars per minute or more than 240 per hour. In addition to it, in the portfolio of universal health creams are added several other very successful varieties, each overcoming a different skin problem.

About Aroma:

Aroma is one of the leading cosmetics companies in Bulgaria. It was founded in 1924 by Ivan Skrinski, and the name of the company comes from the Bulgarian word “aromat” (Eng: fragrance). In the 50s of the 20th century the company has already received the status of the leading cosmetic brand in Bulgaria, and in 1956 it was created the most popular Bulgarian cream – Zdrave (Eng: Health). In 1992 the company introduced the most successful Bulgarian brand for oral health – Astera. In 2009 the brand Zdrave was added, which quickly became the leading in Bulgaria. In 2016, the brand CHISTO (Eng:CLEAN) was founded – products for hygiene and cleanliness. It is rapidly gaining ground on the Bulgarian market and today is among the leaders in the sector. At present Aroma is export-oriented and exports much of its products to over 38 countries worldwide.