“It is possible that the Greek gas connection will start operating in July”, said Prime Minister Kiril Petkov in response to a question from the Bulgarian National Radio.

“Everyone predicted September, October, November – no, it will open in July,” the prime minister said today in Veliko Tarnovo.

He specified that “Azerbaijani gas” will flow through the interconnector.

“I plan to go to Baku this week for one night, to confirm the quantities there. But we will have one billion cubic meters that will flow. Very soon, between July and August, I really expect this one billion cubic meters to enter Bulgaria at a price that is many times lower than the market price at the moment”, continued Kiril Petkov.

“What we are trying to do is mix the LNG, and the Azeri gas, so that the average delivery price is better than Gazprom’s.”

Asked by reporters about the future of the Hemus highway, the prime minister said a parliamentary sanction would be needed to unblock its completion.