There is a steady downward trend in the number of Ukrainians entering the country from Ukraine and more leaving Bulgaria. This is shown by the data at the border checkpoint near Ruse.

One in five – this is how we can summarize the number of Ukrainian citizens leaving and entering through the two border checkpoints near Ruse – the Danube Bridge, as well as the Central Railway Station.

Many Ukrainians who decide to leave Bulgaria travel by train, as tickets are still free to Romania and from Romania to Bulgaria.

Most of the passengers on the train to Bucharest are Ukrainians. Some of them left because they had to leave the seaside resorts and decided to go home or to other European countries.

Few people are still fleeing the war. Those who prefer Bulgaria knew where they were going.

“Most of them have relatives and acquaintances, many have arranged housing or have agreed with a hotel where they pay, very few are those who enter Bulgaria and need accommodation,” said Teodora Ribarova of the Organization of Bulgarian scouts.

“I send about 100 people every day to Bucharest, we accept from 20 to 40. The is a reduction of the flow of arrivals by train especially, I see that at the station in Bucharest there are an awful lot of Ukrainian citizens, but apparently, they go to other destinations in Western Europe,” said Reihan Ablekim, volunteer.

On the first of June, the volunteers at the central station in Ruse delighted the children from all the trains with gifts and balloons.