“We can believe that the fourth wave is subsiding. Mortality is falling but remains high due to the poor health of Bulgarians, problems in the health care system. In Bulgaria, cases that end fatally are unvaccinated, and at risk.”

This was said to BNR by the epidemiologist Prof. Mira Kozhuharova, advisor to the Minister of Health.

She stressed that the green certificate is a concern for personal health and the health of others.

“The certificate had two positive effects. People began to be tested a lot, which made it possible to detect cases early. In addition, many more people began to be vaccinated. Already vaccinated are 30% of the population … The green certificate gives us maximum opportunity for safety”.

In the program “Week 150” Prof. Kozhuharova explained that in our country there is still no officially registered case of Omicron.

“It is possible that this option causes a milder clinical picture. I am worried that it is growing so fast. When there are a large number of infected people, there are always more severe cases. So let more people get vaccinated.”

According to her, the epidemiological risk in the parliament is not small:

“It was not assessed there that the green certificate was a safety measure. It is right that an anti-epidemic measure, which treats one specific cause, treats all people equally.”

According to her, all experts should help the new team of the Ministry of Health, because it is in everyone’s interest.