Bulgarian telecommunications companies are set to implement price increases this year, citing the impact of inflation. This follows a similar adjustment in February 2020. While Vivacom and A1 have confirmed the upcoming indexation, Yettel has chosen not to comment at this time.

Vivacom’s official statement mentions, “Due to the continued increase in the costs of labor and delivery of goods and services, based on Vivacom’s General Terms and Conditions from February 2024, the price of the monthly subscription for part of the basic and additional services will be increased with the accumulated inflation for 2023 – 4.7%.”However, the price hike will exclude certain subscription plans for social and disabled individuals for mobile and fixed voice services. Existing subscribers with contracts from acquired operators will continue to pay the old amounts, extending to new tariff lines introduced in the previous year.

A1, responding to the increased costs they face, emphasized that such indexation is a standard practice in the EU, outlined in customer contracts and applicable General Terms and Conditions. They are assessing the impact of inflation on their business to make informed decisions benefiting both subscribers and the company.Yettel has refrained from commenting on the matter at this stage.Notably, after the previous price increase, initiated under pressure from the ombudsman Diana Kovacheva, the Ministry of Economy and Industry requested the Consumer Protection Commission (CPC) to scrutinize whether the clause for price increases in contracts is unfair to consumers. The inspection results remain undisclosed.