In a recent parliamentary session, Finance Minister Asen Vassilev disclosed expenditure details related to the support provided to Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria throughout the previous year. Notably, BGN 56 million has been allocated for hotel accommodations, with an additional BGN 1.5 million covering social costs. Over 4,000 Ukrainian individuals have received one-time assistance and temporary support for labor integration, totaling BGN 7 million, a fund directed towards employers facilitating new hires.

Minister Vassilev highlighted the introduction of approximately 2,000 free bank accounts for salaries and pensions, emphasizing that these accounts aim to streamline financial transactions. The proposal for Budget 2023 includes a measure suggesting that salaries in companies with 50 or more employees, as well as in the restaurant industry, should be exclusively paid through bank transfers. Minister Vassilev explained that this step is intended to boost economic activity, especially in the labor market.

“The idea is to guarantee certain operations with these accounts, including online banking, which is not guaranteed in the current version of the law, so that they become more usable for citizens.”